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Sepulchral Life

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  1. Vugul says:
    Almost peculiar to Germany is the use of wrought iron for grave-crosses and sepulchral monuments, of which the Nuremberg and other cemeteries contain fine examples. 1 0 In the 13th and 14th centuries many life-size sepulchral effigies were made of beaten copper or bronze, and ornamented by various-coloured "champleve" enamels.
  2. Samujinn says:
    SEPULCHRAL Meaning: "pertaining to a burial or place of burial," from Latin sepulcralis "of a tomb, sepulchral," from See definitions of sepulchral.
  3. Kagagis says:
    Jul 29,  · Sepulchral Curse aren’t a band of virtuosi in their instruments, but the band is very, but very, competent. As I said before, “Only Ashes Remain” kicks off with “From Within the Bowels of the Earth” a straight ahead track that starts fast and furious but cools down on the way with very interesting guitar licks and some amazing twin.
  4. Gulabar says:
    With "Sepulchral Blessing" this time Clavicvla constructs a sonic tomb of immense evocative force that inters the listener into a lucid nightmare and transports them straight into the kingdom of the dead, acting as an abominable sonic vessel to the underworld.
  5. Zuluktilar says:
    29 Juillet - Énorme mise à jour de notre catalogue de distribution Pour ceux qui veulent faire le plein de musique, nous avons procédé à une énorme mise à jour de notre catalogue de distribution, avec plus de articles provenant d'étiquettes comme Osmose Productions, Northern Silence Production, Hells Headbanger Records, Werewolf Records, Immortal Frost .
  6. Bazil says:
    Definition of Sepulchral. extremely gloomy. Examples of Sepulchral in a sentence. The siren would use her voice to lure sailors to their sepulchral deaths. 🔊 Whenever Jared speaks, his tone is very sepulchral as though he is one step away from death. 🔊 In the room where people waited to learn the fate of their family members, the atmosphere was sepulchral.
  7. Dibei says:
    42 synonyms of sepulchral from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 43 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for sepulchral. Sepulchral: causing or marked by an atmosphere lacking in cheer.
  8. Doular says:
    Sepulchral Quotes So to engraft our hands, as yet Was all the means to make us one, And pictures in our eyes to get Was all our propagation. And whilst our souls negotiate there, We like sepulchral statues lay; All day, the same our postures were, And we said nothing all the day.

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